Solutions to Complex Welding and Press Assembly Applications.

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UP-8 & UP-15
1030mm (41")
1620mm (64")
UP-30 & UP-50
1280mm (50")
1860mm (73")

Press Dimensions

Press Output Characteristics


Operation with Ease...

Each press utilizes a touchscreen interface to give the operator full control over all press functions, error diagnostics, job selection, and manual override to allow other tools to be run in any press (must be of equal tonnage or greater) in an emergency.

Standard benefits of the press:

  • Automatic die / tooling recognition for low volume, high mix production.
  • Full safety interlocked guarding, light curtains and ram block.
  • Spool monitored control valves and Sitema safety catcher for the upper die shoe conform to the requirements of the CSA Z142-10 press standard.
  • Universal die holder with tooless quick change.
  • Diagnostics and tool monitoring for quality control.
  • Part presence sensors for decreased human error.
  • Touchscreen interface for multi level access.
  • OSHA compliance.

Flexibility and Versatility for Low Volume, High Mix Applications

The Universal Press (UP series) can handle assembly and metal forming operations from 8 Ton to 50 Ton capacity, and stroke capabilities from 2" to 11.5". The system has been developed using an integrated monitoring system to ensure quick die tooling changes that allow for flexibility and a high level of quality as the tooling is interchanged from one model to another during production. With the production tooling permanently set-up, your workforce requires minimal training to maintain production. Fast Set-up and ease of operation cuts down time, helping your operators to be more productive by providing a simple and safe solution.

                             Universal Press